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Rubbish management

Please see our rubbish calendar.

You have to put your rubbish strictly into a rubbish container. You can buy the «Dübi-bag» at a shop or at some post offices. With these bags you pay the compulsory rubbish fee. If you use a different bag, it will not be collected. If that happens repeatedly, there will follow a reporting.

Dübendorf has the following fees for rubbish:

  • 17-l bag CHF 1.07 incl. 8% taxes, roll: CHF 10.65
  • 35-l bag CHF 2.00 incl. 8% taxes, roll: CHF 20.00
  • 60-l bag CHF 3.09 incl. 8% taxes, roll: CHF 15.45
  • 110-l bag CHF 4.76 incl. 8% taxes, roll: CHF 23.80

Since April 2010 there has been an annual infrastructure fee of CHF 76.40, taxes included.

For unusual rubbish like scrap iron, glass, textiles etc. Dübendorf has a collection point or cellection campaigns. See publications at the newspaper.

If you have any further questions about rubbish management in Dübendorf, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact: Stefanie Strebel, 079 420 79 79.

Here you find information about the next rubbish collections.