From the chronicle of Dübendorf

In the year of 946 Dübendorf was mentioned documentarily for the first time. It was called «Tuobilindorf». Although people had lived here early, Dübendorf was a village of poor farmers for ages.

In the middle of the 13th century a castle with the name «Dübelstein» was built which Hans Waldmann, a famous mayor of Zurich, bought. The «Lazariterkirche» was also built in that century.

Due to the formation of many spinneries, there was an economic growth. Especially the opening of the railroad from Zurich to Uster in 1856 was important for the economy of Dübendorf. In 1910 the airfield between Dübendorf and Wangen was built which again influenced the economy positively. From then on, Dübendorf has been internationally known as the birthplace of the civilian and military aviation of Switzerland. Until 1948, when Zurich Airport started its business, the national airport of Switzerland was in Dübendorf.

While Dübendorf had 10'000 inhabitants in 1957, the village had 20'000 inhabitants only 13 years later. Dübendorf has been a city (i.e. a town with more than 10'000 inhabitants)since 1974. There is a local government as well as the legislative power.

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