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Goodwill Foundation

What is our Aim:
Goodwill Foundation, Switzerland is a not-for-profit NGO which is founded with the intention to help the needy people in society.
1-Support/Assist people with disability.
2-Support old age people
3-Support homeless, dejected & deprived persons
4-Support people living in distress conditions
5-Assist people by training which can support them to get stable income
6-Support upcoming needy talents (in any field like sports, education, music etc.)

What is our source of Funding:
1-Organizing Sports event by promoting the cause and raising money with Contribution
2-Organizing social gathering / live shows
3-Selling local market product in fairs
4-Getting Donors by spreading our cause on digital as well as local platforms
5-Contributing our self in terms of Money / Physical Contribution

How will we extend our help:
1-Connect likeminded volunteers
2-Connect with Hospitals, old age homes and homes of disability people
3-Explore streets in bad weather and help homeless by distributing food / shelter options / Clothes
4-Search for needy talent and sponsor them for development


Membership - 25 CHF